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The FOCUS Foundation is so grateful for our community partners.  Without the support of our sponsors we could not do the work that we do every day.  Some of our sponsors have been committed to us for some time and Adams Electric Cooperative is one of those sponsors.  I have personally gotten to know Steve and Kami of Adams Electric through the Adams County Chamber of Commerce.  Over the last 5 years I have learned just how much support this local electric coop gives to so many charities in the local area.  Last year I attended a lunch held by Adams Electric to bring together all these organizations and the large venue was filled with people from all kinds of organizations, from local volunteer fire departments to children’s charities and more.


Adams Electric not only gives money to the local community, they give their time, talent, and the use of their facilities.  I have attended meetings in their board room for the local Chamber of Commerce and Picnics in their pavilion.  I know that employees of the company are encouraged to donate their time and talent to local charities and have seen firsthand that the administrators do a lot to support the local community by donating their time.


Adams Electric has been a sponsor of the FOCUS Foundation for the last 5 years and is always happy to hear about what we are doing and happy to help to support us.  We hope to continue to partner with this wonderful organization for many years to come.  Thanks Adams Electric for the great support you give not only to the FOCUS Foundation, but to the local community at large.  You are one of the reasons that Pennsylvania is a great place to live.




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The Focus Foundation supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual or Developmental Disorder (IDD) gain a sense of community and independence through volunteer work and community activities.

The Foundation mission is to accomplish this support through funding Outreach Programs, Community Activities and start up funding for ASD support groups.



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