Hello everyone! 

I want to give you an update for this years Walk and Expo. As we all know, Covid-19 has changed the way of life for all of us in one way or another. That being said, we have sadly decided that we should not have the event this year.

Our Walk and Expo IS scheduled for April 2, 2022. More details will be coming soon.

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We still try and do as much Outreach that we can. If you can give...please do.

Keep the faith and maintain positive as we shall get through this.




Focus Foundation is very proud to have Shoe Orthodontics as a supporter.

Brooke from Shoe Orthodontics came by the office 11/7/2019 to present a check in the amount of $500.

We cannot thank them enough for their kindness and generosity!

Focus Foundation depends on the generosity of businesses and individuals contributing to "Help Others Reach Their Full Potential"

From all of us, we thank you!!



Focus Foundation is dependent upon the kindness of the charity of others!

Please support our sponsors as they give from their hearts


From all of us, we humbly thank you!

Let's make next year even better!!

Our Autism Walk and Expo is coming soon!




Sponsorships and Donations are always welcome and very much appreciated!

You can donate anytime from our website!

Focus Foundation prides itself of the fact that everyone involved with the Foundation are all volunteers. There are no administrative salaries being paid. 100% of money collected goes back into the communities. 

When Making A Donation (Thank You) through PayPal, there is a spot where you can leave a comment.

Please Indicate Where The Money is To Go (E.G. Sponsor a team, Donation, Vendor Name, etc)

Thank you for contributing to Focus Foundation 

You can pay your autism walk sign up fees (if necessary) with your credit card from the donate tab.

The Focus Foundation supports individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Intellectual or Developmental Disorder (IDD) gain a sense of community and independence through volunteer work and community activities.

The Foundation mission is to accomplish this support through funding Outreach Programs, Community Activities and start up funding for ASD support groups.



Focus Services Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit as described by the IRS 

Mailing Address:

643C Frederick St.

Hanover, PA 17331

(717) 220-0276